Server ‘myDBSERVER? is not configured for RPC for a Linked Server

As part of my post go-live procedures I was trying to do some comparisons from the pre-upgrade environment to the actual production environment.  Usually this is very straight forward and can be done using the Linked Server.  As it turned out the linked server was already configured however when I tried to do the sql lookup on the PSOPRDEFN table I got an error.

Msg 7411, Level 16, State 1, Line 1

Server ‘mvDBSERVER? is not configured for RPC

To re-enable the RCP commands for the linked server you can do it in the options GUI or from the query window:

exec sp_serveroption @server=’myDBSERVER?, @optname=’rpc’, @optvalue=’true’

exec sp_serveroption @server=’myDBSERVER?, @optname=’rpc out’, @optvalue=’true’

Now when I run [myDBSERVER].[PREUPGDB].[dbo].[PSOPRDEFN] I get the results I am looking for!