When building environments with PeopleTools 8.53 & 8.54 everything will be going along tickety boo and it will go to encrypt the passwords and bam:

Error: Process aborted. Possibly due to JVM is not available or missing java class or empty password.

Well, isn’t that interesting.  The PeopleTools 8.53 and 8.54 have a new SALT component to its passwords and clearly uses the Java to do the encryption.  Add %PS_HOME%\jre\bin to the beginning of the PATH variable and re-run data mover and try the encryption of the passwords again.

PeopleCode Encrypt & Decrypt Values

You can use the PeopleSoft classes to encrypt and decrypt values.

To Encrypt a value:

Local JavaObject &SPCipherIn = CreateJavaObject("com.peoplesoft.pt.integrationgateway.common.EncryptPassword");
&vte = "valuetoencrypt";
&encryptedValue = &SPCipherIn.encryptPassword(&vte);

To Decrypt a value:

Local JavaObject &SPCipherOut = CreateJavaObject("psft.pt8.pshttp.PSCipher");
&decryptedValue = &SPCipherOut.decodePassword(&encryptedValue);