PeopleSoft – Some Users unable to open some pages

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PeopleSoft – Some Users unable to open some pages

PeopleSoft – PSAPPSRV crash when some users try opening some pages

PeopleSoft – Personalization Corruptions

Not really too sure what title to use on this one.  One of my users started to report a problem that only she could replicate.  Every other user was able to login and navigate and open the page in question. We ended up cloning the user and the clone user had no issue opening the page.  Trace actually did not show the problem, but with a little creativity I was able to find the following case on MOS:

E-PIA: When A User navigate to some application pages, the Application Server Crash with Unrecoverable Exception Error. However, a Cloned User will work correctly (Doc ID 2033430.1)

The gift of the story turned out that the user had changed their personalizations or the personalizations had become corrupt. So I executed the following SQL:


You can delete all the personalizations for the problem user, but if you know the menu and component name you can isolate the specific personalization that is causing the problem. In this cause it was the Accounts Payable Pay Cycle Management Details Inquiry that was causing the one user all the issues.