Is Your ERP System Working Effectively?

Organizations today have many critical applications running their businesses and have experienced support staff to manage them. Support and management of these systems is critical to your organization’s success; however, an often overlooked aspect to this system management is that day-to-day administration is vastly different than overall system administration.

Technology is improving hourly, products are enhanced, patches and fixes are constantly produced, certifications are evolving, and applications need to be managed from both daily and overall perspectives. Unless your organization is investing extensively in training and certification for your staff, expecting them to be experts in all areas is unrealistic and may lead to higher than normal turnover.

Smart Panda - PuzzleAdditionally, without proper oversight your ERP system may be working inefficiently. Correctly incorporating business systems effectively will allow your employees to work collaboratively and produce award-winning results. A properly integrated system provides your company with better information and results which will improve all aspects of your business.

The Smart Panda Solution

The Smart Panda has successfully developed and integrated an array of Enterprise Resource Planning solutions using Oracle’s PeopleSoft software in a diverse and complex range of operating environments. Our goal is to meet all your expectations and produce a high level of satisfaction, so your company can operate effectively.

“[The Smart Panda] has worked on many projects for Butler University (Indianapolis) over the years, both onsite and remotely…. a fantastic developer and code writer… [with] the ability to deal with scope changes in the middle of a project and still keep the project moving forward in a timely fashion.” — Bryan Mancourt, DBA

The Smart Panda solutions are structured to provide excellent cost efficiency while maximizing productivity for your organization. Our solutions have been integrated in public and private businesses, government organizations, hospital and health care facilities, and educational institutions. We are constantly developing and upgrading our solutions to make the best use of our client’s time and resources.

List of Solutions – Please explore our professional business solutions:

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