Let’s say you’re a higher education leader and all you want is a simple Bar Chart counting your Admission Applications by Term.

Having a quick chart like this lets you spot the overall trend – are your applications increasing, fluctuating, decreasing over time?

If all you have is delivered tools, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Navigate to Query Manager
  2. Name your Query and be tech savvy enough to know the table you want is ADM_APPL_PROG
  3. Select the EMPLID and ADMIT_TERM fields into your query
  4. Click on the EMPLID field and select Aggregate > Count
  5. Select Sort By Admit Term in Descending order
  6. Save your Query
  7. Click on ‘Publish as Pivot Grid’
  8. Name your Pivot Grid and navigate through the 5 or so steps to setup and publish your Pivot Grid.
  9. Finally you have your Bar Chart!
  10. Estimated Time: 15 minutes

If you use Insight Maker, here are your steps:

  1. Navigate to Insight Maker and select the Admissions Dataset
  2. Select Student ID (count) and Admit Term
  3. Provide a name for your chart and click “View Pivot Grid”
  4. Congratulations you have your Bar Chart!
  5. Estimated time: 60 seconds